General Information Triumph TR MK-II System:tr PI
Sport-Cars from the “sixties” such as the Maserati Mistral, Sebring and 3500 GTI as well as the Triumph TR-5 PI and TR-6 PI were equipped with this fuel injection system. The Lucas MK-II system, used on the Triumph TR-5 (1967), is almost identical to the MK-I Maserati Metering Unit and has no problems what so ever.

Metering Unit all types: 
The reconditioning of a Metering Unit MK-II consists of a completeMetering Unit expl. UK dismantling. All parts are cleaned and checked for wear or damage and, if necessary, replaced with new parts. Only by following this procedure we can guarantee optimal operation. Partly reconditioning of a Metering Unit can lead to inferior results!