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During a total overhaul the Metering Unit will be dismantled and all components cleaned. All parts are also checked for wear and replaced if necessary. Only in this way optimal performance can be guaranteed. Partial overhaul of a Metering Unit does not give optimal results and is therefore not recommended.
Smooth operation of the vacuum-controlled injection system is largely dependent on the vacuum chamber and piston. If there is any vacuum leakage this results in the mal-function of the Metering Unit’s supply of petrol to the injectors, causing extreme fuel consumption.

After a complete overhaul, the Metering Unit will be tested and calibrated at our original Hartridge test benches before we send the Metering Unit back to the owner.

We are proud to have succeed in improving the reconditioning MK-I and MK-II system for the various Maserati and Triumph sport cars. Even though the components have remained unchanged, many technical improvements has been made!! 

Specialization: Reconditioning of – Injectors – Metering Unit MK-I and MK-II – Pressure Control Valve – Intake Manifold – Check and adjust the Metering Unit through original Hartridge test rig as per Lucas specifications – et cetera.

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