Historical information about the Lucas MK-I Injectie System.
The fuel injection system fitted in several of the works Jaguar racing cars in 1956 and 1957 is the result of fifteen years development work by the engineers of Joseph Lucas Ltd. It was to prove principles evolved in the engine test laboratories that the racing programme, in conjunction with Jaguar, was undertaken.

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It was considered, as in so many other instances, that racing experience would be invaluable in the ultimate development of the system. During the 1956 and 1957 the Lucas scheme was adapted to certain of the Jaguar D-type racing engines and performed faultlesly, except for a cracked injection pipe in the 1956 Le Mans 24-hours race and Jaguar won!

The winning Jaguars in the twelve-hour sports car race at Reims and the Le Mans were fitted with the MK-I Lucas fuel injection.

Its performance showed that although it did not have a noticeably higher maximum speed than the otherwise similar cars fitted with Weber carburettors, acceleration over the first hunderd yards from a standing start was quicker!.pag.2 historie
The racing experience with fuel injection is invaluable and, particulary if Jaguars run with such installation on there racing cars, will help to prove that it could be made available for production if the cost permits. At the present stage it would seem that the production engineers will have a very hard task to make it available at a price not to much more than that of a twin carburettor set!
Although, engineers of BRM, Lotus-Climax, Brabham, Cooper-Maserati, Ferrari and Maserati used this Lucas system on there racing cars with great succes.